Mens Thursday Wrap-up


weeklyreviewOur Premier side traveled to Stirling and had a tough day going down by 54-72. Bruce Edward and his team went down by 1 to a team skipped by ex-Manning’s Frank Carbone 20-21, Milan Jokic also lost in a close tussle 17-22 while Bill Fraser and team struck an in-form team and lost 16-28.  The Premiers remain in 4th position on the ladder.

One Blue South hosted Safety Bay and got over the line 4-2 and a 59-54 margin.  The big and only winners were Ross Dolton’s rink (Peter Barrow, Steve Lambert, Steve Salamon) had a win by 22-12 to carry the day. Craig Steven’s and his rink were in it until the last two ends going down 18-21 in the end while Phil Gillespie and his rink had a great battle but went down 19-21 to Safety Bay’s strongest rink. Manning are in 4th position on the ladder only a couple of points behind the leaders.

Our 3rd Division side hosted Warnbro and had a great battle against a number of their top Division Saturday players.  The overall margin was 3 after going down 47-44. Rob Uppill and his team (Rick Morony, Graeme Maples and Neville Dhu) had a 15-11 win, Jim Drake-Brockman’s team were in front for a long way but couldn’t get over the line going down 17-22. Jeff Humpleby’s team were way out of it, 1-10 at one stage when I looked across but came home with a wet sail to go down by 12-14.  This was a top of the table clash so the Manning team are in 2nd spot to Warnbro on the ladder.

Our 4th Division travelled to Mt Pleasant and came up against a very strong team going down 56-78 getting 1 point. Kim Burke with Royce Edwards, Tim Hoonhout and Walter Wetter (who took time off from practicing to play) had a win 22-19.  Fred Cockrell went down 27-20 to an obviously very lucky opponent while Geoff Hocking and his team had a real tough day going down 14-32.  The Manning side are in 6th spot but only 1 or 2 out of 4th spot.

The pot winners for the day were Ross (don’t call a taxi call Uber) Dolton, Steve (when is the next grand prix) Salamon, Steve ( crikey I sorry) Lambert and Peter ( I know where to select myself to get a pot) Barrow.

Well done boys.