Mens Saturday Wrap-Up 17/12



Manning played Cockburn at home in what was to round out the half way mark of the pennant season. Question was would the boys take their eye off the ball after a solid win against Kardinya away or keep focused and put in another solid effort against a struggling Cockburn side?

Gladly the Manning boys pulled together after a tight tussle and grabbed a valuable 6 points at home.

The stand-out rink who carried the aggregate was that of the Shane Knott lead side of Withers, Rees and Marky Mark (and the funky bunch . . . .  Hip Hip Hooray for today it’s your Birthday) Ellis who had a handsome win 36-6. Considering the last time Knott played Cockburn on that green he was down 20-0, fair to say it was a massive turnaround for the newly appointed state second.

Matty Mitchell’s side suffered their second loss for the year at the hands of M. Vitale going down 20-14 in a hard fought game. Nathan Jones got into a little verbal stoush (once again) with one of the all time greats in bowls of this state but all was resolved when the very casual John “Wardy” Ward muttered “Calm down you blokes . . . I’m off for a beer!” Wise words from the mustached one . . . but a fine for leaving your phone behind!! Rookie mistake.

Aj “Pops” Heal and his crew of Antonio, Silver Service and Lillllllllll – eeeeeeeee nearly pulled the game out of the fire at the last minute . . . but they didn’t going down by the smallest of margins. (That margin would be 1 shot Ayresy), 18-19 to a Sammy Perica skipped side.

The last rink to be discussed was the first rink to be off the green which they did in style with a 19-17 win. K.J., Gobby and Ayresyyyy all contributed and were able to give GARRY (Niiicceeee Gaarrryyyyy) Thomas Mitchell some heads to work with =) 

All in all a good solid day by the Manning 16.

Manning 87 (6pts) def Cockburn 62 (2pts)  

At the half way mark of the season Manning sit 2nd on the ladder.

Enjoy the Christmas break and come back ready to finish off the business that we have started!!