Womens Tuesday Wrap-Up 13/12



3 Blue

It can be safely said that 3 Blue had a cracking day on the rinks today.
We hosted Mt Lawley and we were looking for a good win to catapult us to the top of the ladder.  All rinks started out well, so well in fact that one rink managed to pick up an 8 on the 2nd end.
Mavis’s rink had a slow start, I believe it was a close tussle early on however they managed to break away and end up with a great score of 23-10. 
Saff’s rink jumped out pretty quickly and managed to work out the speed of the green a bit more quickly than Mt Lawley.  This was the rink that picked up the 8 pin, so congratulations to Saffronne Alden, Vicki Herbert, Jean Pearce and Beryl Tucker.  Mt Lawley won a couple of good ends right near the end of the game, however it wasn’t enough and Manning took out the chocolates, 33-13. 
Bernice’s rink had a sensational day, halfway through the game the score was sitting at 25-2.  At one stage on the crossover, our ladies were a couple of shots down, Bernice stepped up and calmly put the kitty in the ditch for a nice pickup of 4 shots.  They ended their day with the score at 33-10.  This is exactly the same score as Karina’s rink so maybe a shared Pots?
6 points were awarded, we are now on top of the ladder.