UPDATE as at 14th MAY 2018

We are now 4 weeks into the project with some 29 marvellous Club volunteers contributing their efforts thus helping to spread the workload. From these a core group of about 9 dedicated hardworking chaps have worked daily since 14th April. One lovely lady has also helped on the shovel, plus with some drilling. The weather has been kind with only 1 day lost due to rain. Overall we are progressing well with only a few glitches that were quickly resolved.

Check out the photos to see who is doing what and for the work undertaken to date – which includes:

  1. Turf cutting out the grass banks on A, B & southern end of D Green. The turf was put into the hollows along the verge on Griffin Crescent adjacent to the Club. This task was completed in 1 weekend.
  2. Soil was removed behind the old supporting backboard slabs with a trench of 1 metre wide x 500mm deep created using a mini excavator. Thanks to Ken’s contact for the use of this machine which was a fantastic bonus to have the use of – just ask the driver. Lots of the excess back-filling sand was spread over E Green.
  3. During the above process the old shade frame posts, set in huge blocks of concrete, were removed with the use of the mini excavator.
  4. Old backboard slabs were cut in half then positioned either side of the main trench to create a channel for the road base, which was delivered & dumped in position by the Kanga machine bucket, then levelled and compacted.
  5. The large limestone blocks, again delivered to position by the trusty Kanga, were placed on top of the compacted road base. Blocks then levelled and concreted into position.
  6. The previously dug out sand was used to backfill behind the limestone blocks. Sand filling was done in 100mm levels then watered down, levelled and compacted until it was about 50mm from the top of the blocks.
  7. More road base was used to fill the area between the limestone blocks and pavers edging the trench area. Lots and lots of screeding was required. So far, 30cubic metres of road base has been used.
  8. Lengths of heavy duty metal plates were drilled and glued to the top of the limestone blocks.
  9. Screeding, levelling and compacting of the areas at the northern and southern ends of A & B Greens plus the southern end of D Green.

Several of our regular hardworking volunteers are looking for a break so your Club needs help from YOU, our additional volunteers to continue with the project to see it completed on time.

So folks, come along, give a hand and enjoy the camaraderie whilst working and over morning tea.

Give Nev a call on 0439 918 400 to let him know you are happy to join the hardworking team on this important project for the Club.