Results – Women’s Championship Fours 2018/19

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Results of the 2018/19 Women’s Championship Fours

Major Winners  – Robyn O’Brien, Marg Booth, Donita Davids and Toni Gatti

Major winners: – Donita Davids, Toni Gatti, Ken Jolly (President), Marg Booth and Robyn O’Brien

Runners Up: – Val Still, Kerry Rush, Lyn Hamilton and Sue Griffiths

Runners Up

Runners Up: – Sue Griffiths, Val Still, Ken Jolly (President), Lyn Hamilton and Kerry Rush

Plate Winners:- Robyn Jolly, Robin Angel, Julie Martin and Janet Jackson

Plate Winners

Plate Winners:- Janet Jackson, Robin Angel, Ken Jolly (President), Robyn Jolly and Julie Martin

Runners Up:- Liz Matthews, Deb Capper, Glenys Carter and Chris Polain