weekend winners

Weekend Winners – 3rd – 5th May

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weekend winners

Weekend Winners

Results of Club Social Bowls played over the weekend of 3rd to the 5th May.

Friday – Nominated Jackpot Pairs (Any Gender)

No Jackpot.


Marg and Alan Booth with +22

Graeme Maples and Rick Renton.

Lucky Card Draw
Norm Shannon and Kim Tompkinson


Saturday – Priceline Three Bowl Pairs (Any Gender)

1st  – 2W +20 A. Lill N. Rees
2nd – 2W +19 S.Taylor S. Dobie
3rd –  2W +13 M. Mathews L. Mathews

2 game Wins

 – 2W +5  A. Pryce H. Pryce
– 2W +9 M. Moschopoulos S. Rossides

Second Round – B. Clare S. Salamon