Three Bowls

Entries Open – Friday Nominated Jackpot Pairs (Any Gender)


Entries are now open for:

Fridays Nominated Jackpot Pairs (Any Gender)

FRIDAY JACKPOT PAIRS will commence Friday 8th April. Names in on club notice board teams’ sheet prior to 12noon on the day in readiness for a 1:00 pm start. Can also text or phone Shane Adams on 0414756557 or Steve Salamon on 0411583718. If texting your team nomination, please ensure you receive a confirmation reply text. You can also ring the club on 94503410.

Format will be 4 bowl pairs 2x4x2, 2 games of 11 ends. In the second game, winners will play winners (see Details below). Excellent cash prizes and of course the JACKPOT POOL is available for all teams to win.

Arrange a partner (any gender), get your team listed and we will see you at the club on Friday 8th April for an exciting and fun game of bowls at our fantastic bowling club. Spread the word and bring your friends!


Cost: $20 per team

Start Time: 1:00 pm. Names in by 12:00 pm.


2 games of 11 ends. 2x4x2

In the second game, winners will play winners.

No roll up

Re spot jack on tee

Scoring: 1 point per end won, a bonus point for an end score of 4 or more shots and 10 points for a game win. In the event of a drawn game the team with the most ends won will be the winner.

Results will be decided in order of:

  • Total points
  • Ends won
  • Shots up

There will be no umpire so if required, request an adjacent player to assist.

Payout: (subject to number of entries)

1st place                      $100

2nd place                     $60

All 2 game winners     $40

Best 1 game winner    $20

Jackpot                        $ POOL


All teams will be eligible for the jackpot.

Jackpot is decided by the lucky teams’ points being the same as a randomly generated number.


  1. The match committee will adjudicate on any other issues arising including inclement weather
  2. If due to inclement weather the grass greens become unavailable, numbers or play format will be adjusted accordingly to suit synthetic green capacity