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Barefoot Bowls/Jack Attack

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The Jack Attack will start on the 11th of November and go for 6 weeks.  Nominate a team of up to six players who can be interchanged to make sure you have a winning chance. To nominate a team please go to www.jackattack.com.au and click play now and complete the attached documentation or contact venuemanning@gmail.com

The greens at Manning are available for hire to any group or individuals. cost is only $10 for the use of the green, all equipment and there is a bbq available. Beer and wine are cheap.

The only proviso is that flat soled shoes or bare feet only and no food or drinks on the green’s surface.

Come down and try it.

Jack Attack Format

Commence on the 11th November and will continue weekly  for 6 weeks

  • Sides of 3 with up to 3 subs….Half or majority to be non pennant bowlers, ie: 6 in the team 3 bowlers, 3 non. 5 in a team 2 bowlers, 3 non
  • 2 sets of 5 ends, with a tie breaker end if required.
  • Parents and children over 13 years welcome.
  • Commence at 6.30pm – 7.30pm, some games take extra 10 minutes. Wednesday nights
  • No skipper or other positions. You can bowl in any order, do not have to bowl your two bowls in a row can alternate in your team
  • 10/head entry fee per person with $50 to winning team per night, with prizes at completion of 5 weeks
  • Bowls available free at the club for non bowlers.
  • Flat soled shoes or barefeet.
  • Require 12 teams for this first event

Contact the Club HERE or on 94503410 or directly email manningeagles@bigpond.com for more details or to nominate.

Look forward to seeing all the new faces at our Club.

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