weekend winners

Weekend Winners – 07 to 09 Sep

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weekend winners

Weekend Winners

Results of Club Social Bowls played over the weekend of 7th to the 9th September.

Friday – Nominated Jackpot Pairs (Any Gender)


Saturday – Nominated Three Bowl Pairs (Any Gender)

1st  – M. Hughes S. Adams
2nd – B. Clare P. Gillespie
3rd – D. Griffiths D. King

Two games winners

1st – R. Pears J. Iannatuoni
2nd – B. Connell B. Jeppeson

Second Round – M. Matthew I. Matthews

Sunday – Scroungers & Corner to Corner (Any Gender)

1st – J. Iannatuoni
Runner up – D. McCloskey

Second Round – V. Still

Corner to Corner
K. Godfrey
G. Pratt