Forever Fitness – Exercise Program for Seniors

Forever Fitness – Exercise Program for Seniors

What is Forever Fitness?

Forever Fitness supports seniors to live the life they choose by keeping active through gentle exercises. At Forever Fitness we aim to improve health and wellbeing with:

  1. Stretching exercises to maintain YOUR flexibility
  2. Light weight-bearing exercises to build YOUR muscular strength
  3. Cardiovascular exercises for YOUR lung & heart health
  4. Balance exercises to reduce YOUR chances of falling
  5. Relaxation fitness Qi Gong (Ba Duan Jin – Eight Sections of Silky Movement) to calm YOUR mind

All classes are being facilitated by a qualified Group & Personal Fitness Instructor with extensive Kung Fu and Qi Gong experience.

Join us and meet some new friends who share the same interests.

Time:              Every Wednesday 10 am – 11 am (from 11 November 2020)

Location:        Manning Eagles Bowling Club (Challenger Avenue, Manning)

Fee:                For the first session on Wednesday 11 November, it will be FREE. After that it will $5 for MEBC members and $8 for non-members.

If non-members attend 5 sessions they will qualify for social membership of the club and then the fee will be $5.

For more information please contact Greg Hogg on 0428 188 114 or please send an e-mail message for any queries or additional information.

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