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A number of clubs have indicated they intend to enforce the no dumping laws next pennant season, and in fact, many have already introduced it.  This is understandable as the synthetic greens cost in excess of $150,000 so it is an assets they cannot afford to have damaged.  Manning has a new green which we also need to protect and get maximum usage out of.  The club committee have decided to provide to bowlers a bowling arm, for their use to practice to prepare for the coming seasons.  This is an initiative to help bowlers prolong their enjoyment of the game.  It is good to see the number of bowlers around the traps using these arm very effectively and playing better bowls.  If you would like further information and have a try out with a bowling arm please see Alan Booth who can arrange it for you.

There is a new bowlers course starting on the 15th of August at 10am. If you know of someone who is interested in learning to play bowls this is a great opportunity for them to learn.  The sheet is on the Coaches Corner Board near the bar. For more information please contact Tony Hockey.

Unfortunately, due to many CPI increases the price of beers, wines etc will be looked at by the Committee with the view of a slight increase to cover these regular increases.  The Club has worn the cost increase for the past two years so you have enjoyed your drinks at a bargain price compared to hotels and many other clubs.  The increases will be advised when ratified.

Our partnership with Manning Rippers Football Club will see two big functions at the Club over the next month or so.

Welcome back to Kay.  Kay moved house last week and left the bar in the hands of a couple of volunteers during the week, but luckily Theresa and Jacob were there to save us over the weekends. Apparently, after seeing the mess in the safe, Kay had to put a new rinse through her suddenly greying hair. It is good to have her smiling face around again.

Mark and Liz Matthews are back from their jaunt to the US.  Apparently had a great time with the new family but are also glad to be back at Manning.  The bar will benefit as well as it had a lean couple of months while they were away.

A group of our members are in Singapore playing bowls at the Tanglin Club. The members include President Ken and his wife Lady Froggy, Peter Bowden and Lyn and half dozen hangers on.  They should be back next week.

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