Melbourne Cup Calcutta 2018


Melbourne Cup Calcutta 5th November 2018

Melbourne Cup Calcutta

Join us from 5.00pm on Monday 5th November for our Melbourne Cup Calcutta.

  • cheap casserole meals from 5.30pm
  • drinks at bar prices
  • ticket sales until 6.30pm
  • auction starts at 7.00pm

What is the Melbourne Cup Calcutta?

It may be becoming a relic of the past, but at the Manning Eagles Bowling Club we proudly host the Melbourne Cup Calcutta as an important build-up event to the race that stops the nation.

Very much different from your typical Melbourne Cup sweep that gets conducted in the office or home, a Calcutta involves a ticket draw and a separate auction process.

No matter if you are a horse race lover or this is your first time, we welcome all our members and guests to a fun night on Monday, 5th November at 5.30 pm for the Melbourne Cup Calcutta at the Manning Eagles Bowling Club!

What are the rules of our Melbourne Cup Calcutta?

Ticket Draw

The Calcutta commences with one ticket being drawn bearing the name of a runner in the Melbourne Cup. Then a Calcutta ticket will be drawn from a separate barrel. The name of the horse and the ticket drawer will be displayed on a Calcutta spreadsheet.

In the Melbourne Cup, generally, there are 24 runners, meaning that 24 horses and tickets will be drawn. Should your ticket come up, you “own” that horse ahead of the auction stage.

All proceeds from the ticket draw go into the prize pool. If your ticket is not drawn, never fear – the Calcutta is only just warming up.

The Auction

The auction for the horses will be done in order of horses drawn.

Each horse is put up for auction, thus giving every Calcutta attendee the opportunity to bid on a runner. It does not matter if your ticket wasn’t drawn – bidding is open to everybody. Horse owners can bid on any runner, including their own. The highest bidder wins the right to own that horse in the Cup.

After the fee is decided

Once a horse is auctioned off, and if the owner of the horse has the highest bid, they will only pay 50% of the money which will be placed on the prize pool.

If another person places the highest bid, half of the sale price goes to the person who drew that horse in the raffle. The remaining 50 percent goes into the ever-growing prize pool. This gives a distinct advantage to the horse owner or gives them something to fall back on if they are unsuccessful.

All payments for the horses must be settled at the conclusion of the auction and must be made in cash. Should a bidder fail to pay, the horse will be re-auctioned.

Should a ticket holder not be present at the auction, then that person’s runner will be auctioned and the ticket holder shall receive 50% of the auction price.

No refund will be given if a horse is scratched after the auction.

After the Melbourne Cup is run and won:

The nation has stopped, the race has been run and it is time to divvy up the winnings.

The Auction is done in order of horses drawn.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Winner of the race 60%
  • Second place-getter 15%
  • Third place-getter 10%
  • Club 15%

The Calcutta is designed as a fun and different way to enjoy the Melbourne Cup, so join us this year for an evening with some fun, a good laugh, and excitement.